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Service Updates
Hey Guy's whats up this is our new website so we can get together after wipes and stuff. We will also be posting out Teamspeak server info and what server we are on as well. Also check back for cool info we will be passing along such as whats going to happen in new patches and stuff like that. Our news feed can be subscribed to at the the bottom so come check it out. We also love for you to post pics in our gallery of cool things.
Guild News

Character Wipes, New Continents and All new Goodies

VetusChalyb, Oct 2, 12 12:17 PM.
Hey guys whats up this is just some info on the next patch/character wipe.

Character Wipes and Certs:
As far as we know character wipes are on Thursday Oct. 4 so be ready to lose all those GLORIOUS GLORIOUS cert points you've earned over the past week cause they will be gone and the cert point gain will go back down to more normal levels what ever level that may be. Also according to the developers they will be unlocking most of the certs this go around so that will be awesome. There is no word yet if they are unlocking weapons yet though. Hopefully they will so we can get a better sniper rifle( I mean seriously I can sniper better with my LMG than with the current sniper rifle... Oh well.)

New Continent:
Esamir Is the new continent and it is supposed to be frosty so remember to bring lots of packets of hot cocoa preferably with the little marshmallows. Hopefully this will solve some of the population issues but if not we will just complain some more so hey.

Hope to see you Planetside

TeamSpeak and Ingame Server Info

VetusChalyb, Oct 2, 12 11:50 AM.
Our Teamspeak Server is
As of right now our Server is Adrastea however they are consolidating server in the next wipe so we will update this.
Also here is the Link to teamspeak if you don't have the Client :
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